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A marketing strategy will help you identify your best customers, understand their needs and implement the most effective marketing methods.

The internet has transformed business marketing. No matter what you do, the internet is likely to be at the heart of your marketing strategy.

Social media is firmly established as a marketing tool. Having a presence opens up new lines of communication with existing and potential customers.

Good advertising puts the right marketing message in front of the right people at the right time, raising awareness of your business.

Customer care is at the heart of all successful companies. It can help you develop customer loyalty and improve relationships with your customers.

Sales bring in the money that enables your business to survive and grow. Your sales strategy will be driven by your sales objectives.

Market research exists to guide your business decisions by giving you insight into your market, competitors, products, marketing and your customers.

Direct marketing can be a highly successful way to generate sales from existing and new customers. Find out how to target them in the best way.

Exhibitions and events are valuable for businesses because they allow face-to-face communication and offer opportunities for networking.


Favourable media coverage can bring a range of business benefits. But how do you attract the attention of editors, broadcasters and journalists?

How to do SEO

Although search engine optimisation sounds complicated and can put you off, it is quite simple and comprehensible once you get to know the basics. Don't be discouraged by the jargon and a dose of technicalities. You'll get used to them in time and, once you have them mastered, all the actions are repeatable. But is it even possible to implement such SEO without the help of a reliable SEO agency? Let's find out!

Find adequate keywords

It's really hard to optimise your website and follow SEO rules if you haven't identified the keywords your customers usually use to search for products and services just like yours. How can you easily identify those keywords? Start by thinking about your business - your offer, services, or the products you sell. Then write down all the potential keywords that come to your mind. Once you have a list, it's time for a little research.

Turn on your Google search engine, enter one of your shortlisted keywords and see what happens. Skim the first page results and check if they have anything in common with your business or products. Does one phrase occur more often than others? Those phrases and words are the ones you should be looking to implement.

Once you have this list, it's sensible to verify these keywords in one of the popular SEO tools, e.g. Ahrefs. It may not be cheap, but at some point, it's just indispensable if you are to select the right terms. If you don't want to pay for additional programs to help you implement your SEO and learn how to use those programs, a SEO agency such as like Fabryka Marketingu can help you out.

Optimise your website

Selecting relevant keywords is just the start. The next essential thing is to take a look at your website. It will probably need to be optimised for your keywords. Check that your webpages are properly structured so that the Google crawlers and site users can find what they are looking for and won't leave after just a few seconds. The site should also be UX friendly, contain interesting content and an appealing design. Remove anything that can be annoying - pop-ups, opt-in boxes, etc. If your page is based on WordPress, a simple Yoast SEO plugin will help you do at least a part of the work.

What SEO actions can be easily implemented?

  • Content should correspond with your identified keywords.
  • URLs should be short, simple and descriptive.
  • Complete all meta titles and descriptions including keywords and CTA (call to action).
  • Create a logical structure using headers and sub headings.
  • Optimise the images, too – name them and fill in the alternative titles.

Make sure you're visible

Your website should be visible to both Google crawlers and humans. Although the differences between the two are becoming less noticeable, there still are some that need to be taken into consideration. First of all, your website has to load quickly. People and bots can lose patience waiting for the content to appear on the screen. Secondly, your website should be mobile friendly. Latest research shows that 60% of searches happen via mobile devices. You can test both of these aspects using Google tools.

Build backlinks

Link building is a crucial part of every SEO strategy. It can cost time and money but implemented properly it will bring powerful results. It is possible to do it yourself, but you'll need to allocate sufficient resources to get the job done sufficiently well. It will probably be quicker and easier to hire a SEO agency to do it for you. A set of strong backlinks will undeniably be the most powerful tool you'll get.

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